Santa spy cam- The best Iphone app for this xmas season that brings xmas magic

The coolest new app is now available just in time for Christmas the Santa Spy Cam app!

Download it now on the iTunes app store at ! Or just search for "Santa Spy Cam" in the search bar.
This mobile and tablet app, created and patented by BELIEVE in!, LLC, has incredible new technology that merges pre-formatted video scenes with your own photos to create a wonderfully believable story of Santa or his elves visiting your home!

syp cam-logo

Use your imagination to create your own personal Christmas video scene, and then share it with your children.
They will be in awe of the magic of Christmas and the special visit you were able to capture.

The brand new app, just released, is available for download for free, and contains two free video scenes to use entitled "Peek-A-Boo" and "Dropping In". Additional scenes are available individually for $0.99-$3.99 or in bundles via In-App purchase. Scene groups available include Sneaky Peak, Multiple Mischief, Surprises Left Behind, and Santa.
This application is avaliable for only IOS users.

Enjoy!! And Happy Xmas in advance!!

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Santa spy cam- The best Iphone app for this xmas season that brings xmas magic
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