How to unlock sim on Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Smartphones

It looks so disappointing when you purchase an android device with sim lock features.

Well, in certain countries most of the android smartphones comes with the inbuilt lock features which forbids the use of those smartphone in other countries network providers.

Note 2 sim unlock logo

Without much say, today I would be briefing you on how to unlock sim on Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

The below procedure is tested and comfirmed for the below device:

1. Rogers Note 2

2. Bell Galaxy Note 2

3. Wind Mobile S3

4. Bell Galaxy Rugby LTE

5. Wind Mobile Note 2

6. Mobilicity Note 2

7. Bell Galaxy S3

8. Rogers Galaxy S3

9. Koodo Galaxy S3

10. Telus Galaxy Note 2

11. Telus Galaxy S3

12. Mobilicity S3 YMMV

You can also try the procedure on android device above 4.1.1 or android smartphones of higher version.

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Now here we go...

==> Firstly, through the use of your dial-pad, dial *#197328640#

==> After dialing the code, a Service Menu would be displayed on your android screen, then simply select the UTMS option.

==> The next step is to tap the Debug screen along with the Phone control option in the next screen.

==> Then, on the next screen, tap on Network Lock option and select Perso SHA256 OFF and wait for 30 seconds, and select the back option of your device or tap menu button.

==> After that, select NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ and wait for about 1min.

==> Finally, reboot your Android device.

Kudos, You are done!
Your sim is successfully unlocked, and you can flex your android smartphone in any country with their network providers.

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How to unlock sim on Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Smartphones
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