How to Enable Blurred UI (LP) Feature on Android Phones

Blurred UI feature is what enhances the interface of your device with an amazing look. The UI of your android device gets blurred like that of an iOS device and everyone would begin to wonder how you got that feature on your android smartphone, because it’s found on iPhone devices by default.

To enable the blurred UI (LP) feature on your android, you’ve to make sure that your device is rooted; this would work on kitkat, lollipop and marshmallow devices. As long as you’ve installed Xposed framework on your device, you’re good to go.

How to Get Blurred UI (LP) Feature on Your Android?

1.       Firstly, you’ll need to root your android device. If your android device isn’t rooted, then root it here.

2.       Once you’ve successfully rooted your android device, install Xposed installer on your device. I already detailed a guide to install Xposed installer on Android.

3.       After that, you’ll need an Xposed module to get the feature integrated on your android device. With the module, you can easily customize the android UI, making status and notification bar blurred. Simply download Serajr Blurred System UI (LP) module.

4.       Once you’ve downloaded the module, go back to the main Xposed installer app menu and enable the Blurred system UI app.

5.       Now install the module app, restart your device and launch the blurred UI module app to get it working properly.

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That’s it on how to enable the blurred UI features on android. You can customize the blurriness of the UI and some other stuff. This would enhance the interface of your android, making it look more mature. Please, if you got any query, let me know via comment section.

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How to Enable Blurred UI (LP) Feature on Android Phones
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