How to Install Multiple Programs at Once on Windows

it's quite stressful installing or attending to multiple programs on your computer one by one. It's a time consuming task, most especially if same procedure is to be proccessed in various computers.

Today, I would be explaining how to install multiple programs at once on Windows Pc.

Recommended: Top 10 Must-Have app on your Windows PC is the key behinde this operation, so to get started, make sure your windows Pc is connected to the internet.

#1. First visit

#2. Then, check in the boxes by marking all the programs you wish to add to custom installer.

Ninte-installer logo

#3. After selecting the apps, then below, you'll see a button which is Get Installer, then click it to download the custom installer.

Ninte-installer logo

#4. After downloading it, then run it, and watch the magic. All your selected programs would be installed automatically.

Ninte-installer logo

Kudos. You can now make optimize your tasks using to install many programs at once. Hope you benefited from this brief tutorial.

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How to Install Multiple Programs at Once on Windows
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