5 Best Android Antivirus Softwares & Mobile Security (2014 Edition)

Android Mobile Securities & Antivirus Softwares are softwares used to prevent, detect and also remove malicious programs or virus from our device. Nowadays, it's been generalized from most Antivirus softwares that 99% of newly founded mobile malicious programs are being targeted to the Android Platform.

The majority of Android malware is divided into three category in accordance to their functionality:

1. SMS Trojan: This is a very functional malware that drains user account, by sending unknown SMS texts to premium-rate numbers.
Of course, this is really a bad thing. Most times, victims do complain of account drainage not knowing that the SMS Trojan is performing some malicious activities.

2. Backdoors: This is another functional android malware that provides an unauthorized access to a smartphone, causing such smartphone to install malicious programs and stealing personal datas.
This malware has caused so much harm to most android smartphones and created problems to their victims.

3. Spyware: This is another fuctional category of android malware that does target unauthorized collection of personal datas, which includes, address books and passwords, atimes, it access personal photos.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on the Top 5 Best Antivirus Softwares & Mobile Security for Android Phones and Tablets.
With these antivirus softwares I would be highlighting below, it would help prevent your android device from those malware attacks I explained above.

#5 Kaspersky Internet security & Antivirus: (Download here)

This is an awesome internet security software that delivers the latest Mobile Security technologies and also create anti-theft protection.

Kaspersky logo

Key Features:
- Protection against viruses, trojans, sypwares and more.
- Presence of antivirus scanner that runs an on-demand malware scan on your android device
- Presence of Andvanced Anti-theft Protection which can lock&locate, Full wipe, and Mugshot.

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Extra Features:
- Presence of alarms that can be remoted which helps you locate if your device is nearby. The alarm feature also works when your device is in silent mode.
- Presence of Anti-theft web management
- It also enables, calls and texts filter on your device, which prevents your smartphone from unwanted calls and text messages.
- Presence of Real time protection
- Also achieves web protection
- It also prevents your device from text- phlishing, by detecting phlishing and malicious links in incoming messages.
- Presence of privacy protection which helps you hide cofindential files.

#4. Norton Mobile security: (Download here)

This is a powerful mobile security that protects your smartphone against websites that are designed to steal your informations, and an awesome antivrus that protects your device against malicious programs.

Norton logo

- You can remotely lock your smartphone with the use of SMS text, when stolen or lost.
- Powerful protection & detection of malwares and viruses that wants to harm your device.
- It helps block unwanted text messages and calls.
- Helps trigger a scream when ever your device seems missing.
- Helps sync contacts and enable them for safe sharing across devices
- Enables Lock mode, whenever sim card is removed and many more.

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#3. Avira Antivirus security: (Download Here)

The Avira Antivirus security is also a cool security that is capable of protecting your device against mobile threats, Identity theft blacklisted numbers, device theft and malwares.

avira logo


- Helps track your and locate your missing phone remotely.
- Helps scan apps for malware with a top-rated antivirus system
- It also remotely lock or wipe your data, in other to protect your privacy.
- Helps you blacklist contacts that are'nt relevant to you.
- It also protects your email address from being hacked and many more features.

#2. 360 Mobile security: (Download Here)

This is a top-rated mobile antivirus that protects your smartphone against any latest viruses, malware, Junk file, privacy risk and other related system vulnerabilities.
It also achieves extra features helps optimize Android phones & tablets.

360 logo

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Key Features:

- Presence of Phone checkup
- Top-rated anti-virus
- Presence of Phone cleaner that also helps in optimizing your device
- Presence of Power Saver and Accelerator
- Helps to block unwanted calls and messages
- Strong Anti-theft system
- Gives you a realtime protection
- Helps to backup contacts, calender event, SMS, and also performs 360 security on your SD card for easy restore
- It also enables the provacy setup on your device
- Presence of Hi-tech functionality, that is, shake your device and all unwanted running tasks would be killed, which helps boost your phone by releasing RAM and many other features.

#1. Avast Mobile security: (Download Here)

This is the best Mobile security and antivirus software that protects your android device against unwanted phlishing, spyware, malware and other malicious programs and viruses. It also secures your android phones and tablets with a top-rated mobile security app with both anti-theft protection and antivirus.

Avast logo

Key Features:

- Presence of security tools which includes, Virus scanner, virus removal, cleaner and also real time protection
- Real time protection against general infections, app vuneralbility and also wi-fi base threats to the operating system
- Presence of web-based phone locate feature which helps to locate your lost android phone or tablet
- Presence of memory wipe features, remote lock and so many advanced anti-theft features.

Bottom Line:

The above mobile security and antivirus softwares highlighted above are of great advantage to your android smartphone and they gives you quality security and most especially protect your android phone or tablet against any malicious programs, such as malware, viruses, theft, phlishing and other system vulnerability.

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5 Best Android Antivirus Softwares & Mobile Security (2014 Edition)
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