Interview with Sanu Siddharth from Onlyloudest

As the era of blogging continues, we would notice the presence of some mind blowing personalities that has really inspired others in the blogosphere.

Dear readers, Today with me the founder of Onlyloudest.Com, Sanu Siddharth is a geek and a blogging expert, and it's a great privilege and pleasure to do an interview with him.

Hi Sanu, Hope you're feeling good with us. As a pro-blogger and also a blogging expert, we would love to know few things about you and your blogging career, and also few other blogging tips and Key advice to the newbies in the house.

So with due respect sir, may we Go ahead with the interview?

Sanu logo

Sanu Siddharth- Sure, you may proceed mate.

First off- We would love if you'd tell us little about yourself?

Hi Everyone first of all, I would Like to thanks CHINONSO for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

I am Sanu Siddharth from Badaun ,U.P. (India) and basically doing 10+2 from Silver Stone,Chandausi . I usually love to share helpful , good things and I am tech lover. So, I founded blog OnlyLoudest, currently here I am sharing only stuff related Blogging, SEO and Android tips and soon I will convert my blog into multiniche .

What motivated you to start up Onlyloudest?

Actually, before 1 year ago I was a completely newbie and was started my blog on Blogger platform because it was free and that day I was write stuff from my course book of science, so I failed to drive traffic there. Then after 1-2 month I checked a post, "Top adsense earner from India", then this post was changed my dream . So, I can say no one person was my inspiration but That Post motivated me to fall in love with Google Adsense and Blogging.

Do you get inspired by books/blog posts? What inspires you as a blogger?

In upper Question I explained my half story because my blogging life is divided in many parts . So, continue … so then I started to add bloggers in my facebook friend list but due to my bad luck facebook permanently deleted my 2-3 facebook account , so one day I started chatting with Mr Ankit Singla & Atish Ranjan bro. both guys Motivated me too much to start own blog and write own article.

What were the biggest trials you faced when you started up your blog and how did you overawed them?

Up’s and down’s are always come in every person’s life , so same thing was done with me .
Actually before starting OnlyLoudest , I write stuff on Tech tricks and tips but that was not successful due to have low quality content so , I flipped that blog to a buyer .
So, now I am Running OnlyLoudest here is no problem because Ankit Singla and some more pro blogger are helping me to run it safely.

What is the best advice you've ever been given in your blogging carrier?

I always say only one line when any one ask me this question that is “Wait For Success” . Guys You can never get success in only day , you know why I am not doing blogging from long time ? because I am moody person I always take quick decision and I never think it will lost my life or what it will do, but guy’s every person learn from his mistakes but here I am showing my mistakes so it is better for you if you learn from my mistake .
And second thing don’t take tension for grow fast because slow speed always better in every field, I think you can understand my few words.

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How do you make money blogging?

Currently I am not focusing on making money , I am doing my work and trying to do better again and better then my last work, hope in future after my success I will earn good money from my primary blog.

As a pro-blogger, we would be pleased if you do tell your monthly blog income?

Sorry I can’t reveal completely my earning but in last month I earned 3 Figure (XXX) income from Nice blog , and I earned few $$ from my primary blog through Paid Sponsored Post review .

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What are your top tips for writing a successful blog post?

Not Much ! I always ready approx 3-4 posts regularly from different-different blog , it helps me put some new and attractive words in my blog posts, and when I search any particular topic from search engine it gives me lot of results but I pick only 1 or 2 posts and again search some more stuffs from Bing because bing always index powerful and high quality post on top and sometimes I write very deeply detailed content then my friends help me to write complete blog post with complete detail and very good Tips .

What are the main sources of traffic to your blog? Advice for the Newbies in getting traffic?

My Mostly Traffic is Coming from Search Engine- Google and Social Networking sites . Social network helped me to increase more traffic and engage with new and regular readers . and one another thing I joined many Blogging Communities, these also helping me to increase blog traffic and rank any content on search engine.
So, Advice is Join Social Networking Sites , Do some Social Bookmarking , Share your blog post on Blogging Communities also.

What are the Link Building techniques you'd apply in your blog?

Too much linkbulding can destroy your blog, it should be done in average frequency it you are planning to run your blog for long time . I always do only Social Bookmarking on High PR sites and drop my comment on commentluv enabled sites to make few backlinks and I am active on Social Networks . Google plus and Facebook have PR 9 so, I think no one site is better then social networking site if you are planning to run your blog for long time and want success .

What gadgets and plug-ins you'd use when blogging?

Actually I migrated my blog from Blogger to wordpress recently but currently SEO by Yoast Plug-in is activated in my wordpress dashboard to better SEO .

What advice would you give to the Newbies towards being a successful blogger?

If you are going to start blogging my first suggestion doesn't start it for money. The reason is if you work for money what happens is your main intention will be to earn money. So your mind will not think good content instead it will only think good money without good content on your blog.
And Another thing try to improve your SEO ranking because social media is only for few days but Search engine traffic best way to drive huge traffic for long time . Those who are using WordPress I recommended you to use WordPress SEO by yoast.It will definitely increase your blog SEO performance. I think most of bloggers is knowing about this anyway I am telling this for the newbies. I am wishing you All Success. Have a nice day, Happy Blogging.

Thanks Chinonso, and wishing you success for

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Interview with Sanu Siddharth from Onlyloudest
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Great article, loved it. And Sanu is really a good blogger :)

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I saw Sanu when he started and it is really great he had grown to become one of the finest bloggers in this blogosphere.
That was an interesting interview you brought to us Chinonso!(h)

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