How to Unlock Bootloader of HTC Android Phones

Every Android device attains a bootl loader which does instruct the operating system (OS) kernel to boot normally. One good thing of unlocking the bootloader of your android device is that it grants you access to modify your operating system and also enables you to install and type of custom rom on your android device. Actually, unlocking the bootloader of your android device is of great advantage, but always take note that once you've unlocked the bootloader of your device, the warranty of that device is being voided.

Today's stroll, I would brief you on How to Unlock BootLoader of HTC Android Phones

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To get started, you would be needing the below requirements:

- The HTC Device (having locked bootloader)
- A Computer
- A USB Cable (for connection of your device to PC)

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Procedures to Unlocking HTC Bootloaders:

Discliamer: Follow the procedure carefully because it may potentially brick your device and void the warranty of that device.
So therefore, remember to backup your device before you continue with the below procedures.

Step 1: First verify that your device is supported for bootloader unlock, from this page.

Step 2: Then if your device is supported, then download the HTC Bootloader from Cnet or here. For Non-supported HTC devices, then check in here for the native method.

Step 3: After downloading the Bootloader unlock, then open it and connect your device to a computer.

Step 4: Then simply choose the android version enable usb debugging as seen in the software.

NB: The drivers of your device would be installed automatically.

Step 5: Then, simply click Unlock. (this process might take few mins, so stay tuned and don't disconnect your device from the computer durning the process)

Step 6: Immediately the above process is comepleted, then you would recieve a sucess message, then click finish and the your device would automatically be rebooted.

NB: You can also re-lock the bootloader by using the relock option in the bootloader unlock software.

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Hope this helps. If you encounter any problem durning the process, pls'd let us know. You can also visit our resolution center if you got any android related problem.

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How to Unlock Bootloader of HTC Android Phones
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please how can i safely root tecno andriod p5 & m5?

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how can you also unlock bootloader of tecno andriod phones?

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please how can i also unlock bootloader of tecno andriod phones?

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You can check our rooting resolution center, to check how to root your tecno P5

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this is very useful for rooting htc is the way to root all android mobiles..