Where does HTC One 8 stand compared to Apple’s iPhone 6

Newly introduced iPhone 6 has taken internet by storm and everyone seems to be excited about this new flagship model from Apple. There are many reasons for comparing it with HTC One 8. For some time now Apple has been crafting the handset from aluminum and it focused on providing a premium feel product. HTC happens to be the only competitor in this field which has adopted similar ethos and has come up with HTC One8. It has taken the design of HTC One and kept best parts to revert to drawing board. It will be observed that earlier most of facets of the phone were flat and angular are now tapered, curved and contoured.

This makes HTC One 8 sleek and sophisticated than the earlier versions. Since it can be held in hand comfortably, it is fun to operate too. Its finish has also been changed to beautiful brushed aluminum texture. For keeping things smooth, gloss clear coat has been provided on the top. Handset has same end-cap design as earlier with front facing and punched stereo speaker grilles.
Apple’s iPhone 6 has a 4.7” display and the body has kept the aluminum back panel but has changed to a new shape, having rounded corners and edges. Power button has now been kept on the side of the handset to make it easier to reach larger size phone. It is the thinnest iPhone in the market having 6.8 mm thickness. It also has the premium Apple logo at the back and you can have one for yourself using Ebay coupon codes.

Comparing their Display

iPhone 6 has 4.7” touch screen and has pixel resolution of 1334 x 750 at 325 pixel-per-inch. This pixel density is same as in the case of iPhone5 and also normal high grade color, contrast and brightness.

HTC One 8 now has 5” screen 1080p resolutions of full HD at 440 pixels-per inch. Its screen technology is believed to be improved version of LCD. It comes in bright colors and has everything sharp and nice. Viewing angles are wide and nice makes it suitable for watching a film.

Comparing their Processor

HTC One 8 uses quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU. It is extremely fast and provides very smooth performance when multitasking apps or running of intensive 3D games. It also has a motion co-processor and can measure the air pressure with built in barometer. It can also record amount of steps you cover in a day or if you were running uphill. It does not get overheated. Apple 6 too indicates that there may be no instances of overheating even if used at a stretch for a long period. You can get one at a good discount if you use Snapdeal discount coupons.

Comparing their Camera
HTC One 8 has same set of the imaging hardware as its predecessor HTC One and has 4-megapixe “Ultra pixel”. It features a secondary camera that is facing front. Camera has been rated as 5-megapixels. For improving low light performance, it has duel LED flash.  Depth sensor has been added for allowing you Focus functionality. You Focus performs like Lytro camera.

Apple’s new camera is slightly slow and has 8 MP iSight sensor. You can capture panoramic images with this cool smartphone. New image processor lets you use the “focus pixels” for better reduction in noise in images. Get hold of the latest deals on CouponDekho and make good savings.

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Where does HTC One 8 stand compared to Apple’s iPhone 6
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