How to Boost Video Streaming Speed on Windows PC

Video streaming is the fastest and easiest way to access a video file, and it's at your advantage, because you need not to waste the whole day downloading a particular video file, when you can easily watch it online. However, it saves both your data plan and storage space.

Previously, I published an article about the top 10 sites to watch movies online, and while strolling through one of the sites to stream one of my favorite movie genre, I noticed that the video streaming was very slow, so I searched all over the internet for a solution, and luckily for me I found a trick. So, today's stroll, I would brief you guys on the trick which I used to boost video streaming speed of my windows PC.

How to Boost the Video Streaming Speed on Windows PC

» First off, go to the video streaming website that you always visit to play your favorite video and open the video you wish to stream.

» Then once the video is loaded, simply right-click on the video and then enter the Settings option.

» Once you enter the settings option, then check the Enable Hardware Acceleration box, and click on the small folder that looks like an icon.
» After that, use the slider to increase or decrease the local storage size. This would determine both the download or streaming speed of the video, so make sure you fix the slider at Unlimited.

» That's all. You can go back to your video and start streaming with the fullest streaming speed. Enjoy!

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How to Boost Video Streaming Speed on Windows PC
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