Cast Screens without Using Android Lollipop [How to]

Casting your android screen lets you mirror your android device to your TV screen with your chromecast dongle, that is, it streams every media from your android device to your PC, which includes, video players, mp3, Apps and even gaming.

If you have already updated your android OS to the latest version (OS 5.0 Lollipop), then you can easily access the screen cast option by swiping down the notification bar. But if you haven't upgraded your android OS to the lollipop version, then I would guide you on how to cast screen without using android lollipop.


Android device with OS 4.4 Kit kat or higher
Internet Connection
Chrome browser installed on your computer
Mirror Beta App (Download from here)

How to Cast Screens without Using Android Lollipop

» Download and install the Mirror Beta app on your android device from the link provided above, then open the app and agree to automatically install the app to your phone's partition by tapping OK.

» After that, you would get another prompt that would ask you to grant root access, simply tap Allow to agree to it. Then the app would automatically reboot itself.

» Once the app have successfully reboot itself, then go to the app drawer and open the Mirror beta app again.

» Next, open your computer and from your chrome browser, install the Allcast Receiver extension. With this extension, there would be easy interaction between your android device and your computer. So after installation, you would notice it on your app launcher, and then run it. This would open a separate window from your actual browser.

» Once the above procedure is processed, then go back to your android device and open the Mirror beta app again, then you would notice the entry icon which is displayed on the front page, which should be your computer. Simply tap on the icon to start a new screen cast, then your android device would display in AllCast receiver.

» After that you would notice a pop up that shows Screencast in Progress. Just exercise a little patience because it won't take much of your time, or you simply navigate away from the Mirror app while it's still in progress till it finally ends the Cast.

NB: If the receiver (windows) can't be found, then simply adjust your firewall settings to allow UDP/TCP and Ports 53515.

That's it. You can finally cast your android screen without the android lollipop version.

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Cast Screens without Using Android Lollipop [How to]
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