Download Garageband for PC (Windows & Mac OS)

Download Garageband for PC and get started with music creation and podcast on your windows xp, windows 7, windows 8/8.1, windows 10 or Mac OS.

Garrgeband is known to be a software application designed for OSX and iOS devices to create both music and podcast. However, you get a full music studio on your MAC via garageband with a full sound library that includes presets for guitar and voice, instruments and virtual session drummers.

This software brings users the best interface to record, create, play and share hits all over the world. You’re a full time music pro if you can kick-off with this software.

Features of Garageband for PC (Windows & Mac)

1.       Make you a pro in music creation. You could easily make something professional without any physical instruments, as various kind of instruments are being made virtual on the software. However, an astonishingly humansounding drum tracks can e easily created using garageband for PC. It’s a top-notched music creator.

2.       You can easily create Hip Hop beats and EMD like a pro. The software contains 28 drummers that can help fuel-in your beats and some other virtual instruments.

3.       The shape-shifting controls are like what you can ever imagine with powerful synths. This lets users get creative with hip hop-inspired and 100-EMD. Transform pad conrol and tweak sound effect like never before.

4.       Opps, did I forget to mention blues and classicals? Anyways, welcome to the school of rock. With garageband for pc, you get started with some in-built lessons on pianos and guitars. You can easily take your skills to the next level with over 40 different genrebased lessons.

5.       What are you waiting for? Now that you’re a learned person, make hits, beats, sounds and record.

6.       After record, what next? You share J

How to Download Garageband for Mac?

Garageband as an iOS software is already made available for Mac OS devices. So you can simply download Garageband for mac here.

How to Download Garageband for Windows PC?

Officially, this application isn’t made available for windows PC, but with the help of some emulators, we can easily sideload garageband software on our windows PC. So what do you need? You need an iOS emulator for Windows PC, and then run the software through the emulator.

Now let’s use iPadian emulator to sideload the software. So follow the below procedure to install garageband on your windows PC.

1.       Firstly, download iPadian application from here.

2.       After that, launch the app and on the main menu, you’ll see Appstore.

3.       Go to appstore, using the search on appstore, you search for garageband.

4.       Download the software and launch using ipadian.

That’s it on how to install garageband on windows PC & Mac OS. If you got any related problem, please do let us know via comment section and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends. Enjoy!!!

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Download Garageband for PC (Windows & Mac OS)
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