How to Install Google Play Store on Blackberry Passport

Installing the official Google play store is very much easy on any blackberry 10 devices like the blackberry Passport.

Unlike before, you would need to sideload any apk app to successfully install the app, but with your blackberry 10 devices, like blackberry Passport, I don't think you would need that process again.

The below method is a direct method that works perfectly, and make sure you have successfully updated the OS of your blackberry to 10.2.1 or above.


Guide to install Google Play Store on Blackberry 10 Devices

Firstly, download the following apk files on your blackberry, via their links provided below;

After downloading the above APK files, don't run them immediately, just install them.

• After that, first run the Google play store, and you would be requested to login with a new or an already existing account, don't perform any action, and simply close the app.

• After that, run the Blackberry Google ID, and register your device with your Google Play store ID.

• Now go back to your Google Play store, and login with the Google ID that you made use of in the previous step and that's it.

You've successfully install the Google Play store on Blackberry 10 devices like Blackberry Passport.

All thanks to Colbalt 232 of Crackberry. You can check back on the source link for more updated version of Google Play store.

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How to Install Google Play Store on Blackberry Passport
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23 February 2016 at 18:34 delete

The blackberry google I'D is telling me that my device is not connected to the internet(but I have full internet),what do I do?