Best of Etisalat Internet Data Plan for Smartphones and PC (2015)

Etisalat is one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria and some other part of Africa. As time counts, network providers keep an in-depth competition towards each other and make sure they satisfy their customer’s need.

Few months back, Etisalat unleashed an affordable internet plan for smartphone and PC users, that is, the 2GB plan for N2000. However, they have added value to their plan and finally unleash another cheap plan, which is; the 1GB plan for N1, 000.

Most of us are also aware of Etisalat unlimited internet plan offer, which lets us browse through the internet for 3 Hours for just N15.
Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys the best of Etisalat internet data plan to use on any smartphone or PC.

1.      The Etisalat Unlimited Plan Offer

The Etisalat unlimited plan offer is the best Etisalat internet data plan offer, and the offer is mostly recommended for internet users that perform more of download operations. If you wish to subscribe to any internet data plan just to download huge files and Medias, then I would highly recommend the Etisalat unlimited plan offer for you.

To opt-in this unlimited plan offer;
>> Firstly, dial *200# to migrate to easy starter, and also migrate to easy life by dialing *620*1#.
>> After that, make sure you have up to #15 on your Etisalat Sim, then dial *229*3*7# to opt-in to the plan.

Once you’ve performed the above operation, then you would be successfully opt-in to Etisalat unlimited plan offer, which lets you surf the internet without limit within 3 hours for just N15.

To opt-out this plan, simply dial *227*0#.

2.      The Etisalat N1000 for 1GB offer

This is another Etisalat affordable plan that is recently unleashed secretly. This plan is highly recommended for all internet users that wish to surf the internet without much download. Without much say, to opt-in for this, simply follow the below instructions.

>> To opt-in, simply dial *229*2*7#.

NB: This plan won’t work on all Etisalat Sim, that is, users that are not eligible for the plan would get a message that say’s, ‘Dear customer, you are not eligible for this service. Thanks for using Etisalat.’

3.      The Etisalat N2000 for 2GB offer

Without much say on this, I would also recommend this plan for smartphone and PC users that feels that the 1GB plan offer would satisfy their needs.

To opt-in to this plan, simply dial *229*2*8# and you would be give 2GB internet data plan.

Any of the above internet data plan offer would work on any internet enabled device which includes your android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, Symbian and other internet enabled devices.

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Best of Etisalat Internet Data Plan for Smartphones and PC (2015)
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