Download OnePlus Toolkit for Mac – Root, Unlock & Flash ROMS

OnePlus toolkit is now available for Mac. However, with this toolkit, you can easily root any OnePlus smartphone, unlock and lock bootloader, flash roms & recovery’s and so many other important task in just one click.

According to the developer of the OnePlus toolkit, it supports any OnePlus Smartphone which includes the OnePlus One and even the recently launched OnePlus two device.

Where to Download OnePlus Toolkit for Mac?
You can get OnePlus Toolkit for Mac from either Sourceforge or Github. Once you’ve downloaded it, then install and launch on your Mac.

How to Use OnePlus Toolkit?
After you’ve installed and launch the OnePlus toolkit on your Mac, then connect your OnePlus smartphone to your Mac, and select the option regarding to the task you want the Toolkit to execute for you. Just as seen in the screenshot below.

  • To root your OnePlus one or two smartphone, then select “Root” option.
  • To Unlock or lock Bootloader of OnePlus smartphone, then select “Lock” or “Unlock” option.
  • To install ABD/Fastboot Files for OnePlus smartphone, then select the option meant for it.
  • To flash recovery or flash roms, then select the option meant for it.
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Same procedure is followed for any other operation you wish the toolkit to execute for you. So, I recommend you to download this toolkit. And using the toolkit avoids your smartphone from bricking, that is, you don’t need to perform malicious task.

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Download OnePlus Toolkit for Mac – Root, Unlock & Flash ROMS
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