How to Enter Fastboot Mode on OnePlus 2 Smartphones

In this guide, I would brief you guys on how to enter fastboot mode on OnePlus 2 smartphones.

OnePlus 2 smartphone was officially released, and it comes with sophisticated features, like 4GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, 5MP selfie camera, 2GHz quad core processor and lots more. However, the OnePlus announced their second-gen smartphone (OnePlus 2) to be the 2016 flagship killer, as it would feature Android M.

Before you proceed, there are some important task you need to perform. Task like;

1.       Downloading ABD & fastboot drivers on your Windows PC

2.       Enable USB Debugging mode from the smartphone. To Enable USB debugging mode on OnePlus 2, simply go to settings >> developers option and enable from there. If the developers option isn’t visible, then go to about phone (under settings menu) and locate build number, and tap on it several times, till it notifies that you’re now a developer. This would enable developer’s option.

3.       Make sure you execute the above task properly.

Guide to Enter Fastboot Mode on OnePlus 2 Smartphones

1.       Firstly, connect your OnePlus 2 smartphone to the computer

2.       After that, open the ABD folder and launch command prompt from there on your computer

3.       Once the command prompt is launched, then input the below command;

adb reboot bootloader

4.       Now press enter and you would get to fastboot mode.

That’s it. Hope this helps? If you’ve any related issue, feel free to let me know via comment section.

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How to Enter Fastboot Mode on OnePlus 2 Smartphones
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