How to Tweak Your Android Lock Screen using these quick steps

Tweaking the dark ends of your android device is one of the benefits of every rooted android device; this means that, to tweak the lock screen of your android device, you’ve to make sure that your android device is rooted and once you’ve successfully rooted your device, only then you can fully customize the lock screen of your device.

If you’ve not yet rooted your android device, I advise you root it here. You can also drop your device model via comment section and I’ll redirect you to a working and very safe rooting guide for your android device. However, for those who’ve already rooted their android smartphone can freely follow the guide as described below to tweaking the lock screen of their device.

How to Tweak the Lock Screen of Your Android Smartphone

1.       Firstly, install Xposed framework on your rooted android device. I already published a guide on how to install Xposed framework on Android phones, so I advise you go through the content.

2.       Once you’ve installed Xposed framework on your device, the next thing to do is to download and install Lockscreen Tweakbox. The lockscreen tweakbox is a xposed module that lets you tweak the lock screen on your android device with full customization.

3.       Now go back to Xposed framework and make sure that you’ve enabled the mudule on your device by ticking on the Lockscreen tweakbox module box.

4.       After that, you’ll need to reboot your android device for the xposed framework to work perfectly with the module.

5.       Next, launch the Lockscreen tweakbox application and enable the features you wish to implement.

6.       That’s it. Your android lockscreen is fully customized. You can always go back to the application and disable or re-enable any features on the lockscreen.

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Hope you now know how to tweak your android lock screen using Lockscreen Tweakbox? If you encounter any difficulty in tweaking yours, please do let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to also drop your device model for rooting procedures.

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How to Tweak Your Android Lock Screen using these quick steps
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