How to Access and Setup Medical ID on iPhone for Emergencies

Do you know that the iPhone Medical ID features can save lives? This feature is integrated on iPhone devices so as to store vital health information. However, the feature is very much useful for health-minded users.

Now the medical ID makes vital emergency info accessible without user needing to enter his or her password. So, I’ll work you through the process on how you can access this feature without entering your user password.

How to Access & Setup Medical ID on iPhone without entering Passcode?

1.       Firstly, from your device lockscreen, click on Emergency.

2.       After that, click on Medical ID on the bottom left.

3.       You’ll can then choose to display your name, birthday, medical notes and also add emergency contacts.

4.       Now, here’s how to fill the medical information.

5.       Go to the health app and click on bottom right to pull your Medical ID

6.       Once you get there, you can input any medical information and other emergency contacts

7.       Also take note that whatever you enable would be seen by others, so simply hide the information from showing on the lockscreen by swiping the “Show when locked” option.

8.       You can also choose to delete the Medical ID anytime.

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That’s just it on how to access and setup Medical ID features on iPhone. Please save some lives by sharing this updates with friends on social network.

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How to Access and Setup Medical ID on iPhone for Emergencies
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