How to Create System Image Backups on Windows 10

Learn how to create and take system image backups on windows 10 with just few steps away

Creating system image of your computer is very much important, however it helps restore your computer back to normal whenever your PC’s operating system has crashed.

In this guide, I would walk you through the process on how to create system image backups on windows 10.

How to Create System Image Backups on Windows 10

1.       Firstly, go to start menu, and search for control panel.

2.       Once you get to control panel, launch file history and browse system image backup under history option.

3.       After that, connect your external hard disk to the computer, and create a folder where the system image would be stored.

4.       Now click on “Create system image” option

5.       Options would be given for backup storage, so if you don’t have external hard disk, then storage can be done in your local HDD, if not, make use of an external hard disk, by click option that says “on a hard disk”, and select external drive option from the drop down menu.

6.       After that, click on Next button, and start backup.

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That’s it. The backup would take some time to be completed.

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How to Create System Image Backups on Windows 10
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