How to Find Wi-Fi Password using CMD on Windows PC

You can now locate and view any Wi-Fi password that your device is currently connected with using Command prompt.

Previously, I published an article on how to find Wi-Fi password on Windows PC using different method. Today, I’ll walk you guys through the process on how you can easily find Wi-Fi password using Command Prompt on windows PC.

Disclaimer: Most persons might want to use this opportunity to hijack the password of an already connected device by accessing the system. Please I won’t be held responsible if this method is used for illegal activity. It’s just for knowledge’s sake.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password using CMD on Windows PC

1.       Firstly, search for CMD on your windows PC, and right click on command prompt, then run as administrator.

2.       After that, take note of the connected network’s name, and input the below command;

netsh wlan show profile name=Guruswizard key=clear

3.       Replace the “Guruswizard” with the your currently connected network name.

4.       After that, hit Enter button.

5.       You’ll see the Wi-Fi password beside key content, just as seen in the image below.

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That’s all on how to find Wi-Fi password using CMD on windows PC. You can now use the password to connect your other Wi-Fi enabled device to the internet. Hope this method works out for you fine. If you got any say, please do let me know via comment section.

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How to Find Wi-Fi Password using CMD on Windows PC
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