5 Steps to Run PlayStation (PSX) Games on PC

Gaming on PC and other digital products is fun. However, it helps scare away boredom off your day. Whenever am less busy with activities, the timing task that flaunts my mind is playing games with my PlayStation device. But come to think of it, the PlayStation isn’t mobile, unlike my laptop PC.

Running PlayStation games on PC is very easy and lets you enjoy the maximum gaming level you do enjoy on your PlaySation device. All you need is the below PC requirements and ePSX emulator, and you’re set.


1.       Minimum of 512MB RAM (for improved gaming speed)

2.       Minimum of 1GHz Processor (better gaming experience and processing level)

3.       3D Graphics card interface for high level gaming experience

4.       PSP to USB controller, which lets you connect PlayStation Gaming Pad to the PC.

Once you’ve the above requirements, then follow the below guide to Run PlayStation Games on your computer.

How to Play PlayStation (PSX) Games on PC

1.       Firstly, download the ePSXe emulator from their official website (www.epsxe.com), and extract the downloaded zipped file to an empty folder on your desktop screen. Also download the BIOS image and move to the Bios folder which is among the extracted files.

2.       After that, launch the ePSXe.exe file, by double clicking on the icon and then config >> Wizard guide, select the BIOS image (Scph1001) and click next for each selection.

3.       Once you get to the controller configuration, configure to your taste and click done.

4.       Now, insert the PlaySation disc on the CD ROM of your PC, go to the emulator main screen and start game by clicking file tab >> Run CDROM.

5.       Alternatively, if you’ve the ISO file of the game, you can locate the file and run the game via RUN ISO.

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That’s it on how to quickly run Playstation (PSX) games on PC. This method will work out fine for you. If you encounter any problem during the process, feel free to let me know via comment section and I will be glad to assist you.

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5 Steps to Run PlayStation (PSX) Games on PC
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