iOS 9.2 is now available with Bug Fixes… How to Update?

Apple finally releases the iOS 9.2 with bug fixes, and several other improvements, especially fixing lag issues on iPhone 6 Plus. However, this update is compatible on all iOS devices that are currently running on iOS 9.1.

Few days after the release of iOS 9.1, most users complained lag issues on their iPhone 6 Plus and some other kind of un-responsiveness and now, the iOS 9.2 brings you a better version of firmware with bug fixes compared to the previous version. So with the iOS 9.2, users won’t be facing any kind of un-responsiveness on their device.

Outside lag fixes, the iOS 9.2 bring us some other new features like, improvement on Apple music that allows browse through classical music, make playlists and also save songs offline. This update also updates users with the top stories from News sections and mail drop in for sending large attachments. Other cool options and applications are featured in this update.

How to update to iOS 9.2?

Updating to iOS 9.2 is pretty easy, simply go to Settings >> General >> Software update and then download the firmware file of iOS 9.2. The file size is just 264MB. If you need any other assistance in regards to updating your iOS device to iOS 9.2, please do let me know via comment section.

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iOS 9.2 is now available with Bug Fixes… How to Update?
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