Popular Delusions about Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has been governing our business decisions for several years, with various developments and discoveries coming our way for improved business performance. Having its roots unharmed and keeping up with the mission of serving the organizations, there has been remarkable transformations in BI tools and platforms to surface new business insights and make sense of the unstructured big data they deal with each day.

The inception of Tableau, QlikView, Informatica and other tools has provided incredible data visualization and analytics powers to IT teams and business groups. However, there are some serious delusions about Business Intelligence that have been quite a thing to many individuals and organizations, which urgently should be demystified if you want to make better utilization of the popular BI software.

Understanding BI is burdensome

The term itself seems to be intense and heavy for small startups and entry-level aspirants as they believe that it is certainly a complex field to understand, and only Specialists and Experts can pick up the concepts and apply them. Many of you may deem that everything from learning the importance of BI solutions to installing a tool to create reports and visualizations is complicated and challenging.

But, it isn't true- whether you are beginning your career in IT or initiating a business, the intelligence tools are agile and simple-to-understand. You need not struggle endlessly to implement a solution in your organization but can independently query data and perform reporting and dashboarding. The concern only to gain understanding on a professional level, for which you have several online BI  Training courses that help you generate successful results. The professional training providers give you a 360-degree overview of the topic having an extensive and meaningful curriculum along encouraging learning through real-time examples and project work at the end.

Recommended only for Leading Organizations

Another says that the invention of BI was to minister to large and leading organizations are a fabrication. Remember, technology is never biased nor do its inventors. Individuals may have dispersed it just because they found it was too expensive to invest in BI tools, software and resources. But things have now changed- the disruption of large volumes of data generated each minute led to the exigency of converting structured and unstructured data into meaningful insights.

Henceforth, now we have cost-effective tools in the market available for all kinds of business groups and enterprises. Most individuals you are opting to hire are productive form day1, such that you do not have to spend dollars on their training. The presence of comprehensive training on several, best-in-class tools like Tableau, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, QlikView do things better and smarter.

Business Intelligence has limited Careers

You can't deny the fact that if you learn Java or Python or C++, you are going to become a Programmer or Software Developer and grow as a Team Lead and Project Manager. But does it anyway mean that you can't grow to the next level and lead as a Delivery Manager or Business Analyst? As soon as you gain expertise in project's domain knowledge, you can certainly shift your role from a Coding Professional to Project Coordinator, Subject Matter Expert or something alike.

Similarly, knowledge of business intelligence has never prevented you from expanding your career to greater heights. It's not just a Business Intelligence Professional or Analyst that you turn out to be, there are various in-demand job titles it offers- Data Analyst, Reporting Analyst, Business Strategist, Data Administrator and Developer, Data Scientist (hottest career in 2015), Advanced Technical Specialist, Business Intelligence Solution Developer, Consumer Insight Manager, Data Architect and many more.

So, things are sorted and improved with BI and anyone passionate about generating best ROI in their businesses must not think twice before investing in related solutions and tools.

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Popular Delusions about Business Intelligence
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