1 USD to NGN – Check the current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate here

The rate at which the value of naira is depreciating on weekly basis is alarming. This happens due to the increase of inflation in the country, thereby, bringing about excess circulation of money in the country. However, this adds to the cost of production, decreases the standard of living and some other factors which affect the country.

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Investors that have saved dollars in their account will gain at this time… its cash-out time for them anyway.

Today, I’ll be dropping a javascript below which you can use to know the recent Dollars to naira exchange rate. At this time of posting, Naira is 310 per dollar transaction for local exchange, but according to CBN, the standard is 198 per dollar. I’ll keep you guys updated if there are any changes made on the 1 USD to NGN exchange rate. For now, make use of the tool and check-in for the most recent foreign exchange rate.

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1 USD to NGN – Check the current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate here
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