[Latest] Best Method to Save Network Data Usage on Android Phone

The rate at which Android devices consumes network data is very alarming, and if you’re a regular internet user via Android devices, you’ll definitely understand what I mean. Most android apps, especially the background apps do consume 30% of our network data without our notice. Even your Android operating system do consume massive portion of data on a daily basis, you should get to notice that if you do monitor the real-time data usage on your android device.

For streaming addicts, you’ve to wave your Android network data a goodbye wave if you don’t take caution on the way you stream videos online, same goes to social networking freaks. Always online 24hours, and you expect a 1GB plan to satisfy you a whole month, *you must be a dreamer* LOL.

You can say NO to all these high data consumption rate only if you get to apply the method I’ll be revealing to you. But before you proceed, first check out these traditional methods to save your network data usage on android.

Assuming you’ve applied these traditional methods to avoid high data consumption on your android phone, then you can proceed to this one-way method am about revealing to you.

Let me use this medium to introduce you the “Opera Max” android application. It’s a data saving app recommended for all android devices.

To start with, Opera Max app is the best android app for saving mobile network data by extending your data plan and gives user the best control over their data consumption, at the end of the day, you get to save up to 50% of your data plan.

For the records, I hardly subscribe for mobile data (I normally make use of internet tricks), but I do recall the period I subscribed for the Etisalat 2GB internet plan, and within a short period (2 weeks precisely), my Etisalat 2GB monthly plan got exhausted, not that I downloaded much stuffs, but just my moment on social networks and few Live TV streaming with some Apps I run on my android device. The very first time I got to know and implement Opera Max, my story did changed. I managed to save even far above 50% of my normal data usage and the 2GB monthly plan lasted for the whole month with some extra data being rolled over for the next month.

Key Features of Opera Max
  • You get to use less data while streaming music on popular music-streaming apps like Gaana, Youtube music, Pandora etc.
  • Let’s users stream videos online with almost no-data usage. I really enjoy this part because am an addict when it comes to streaming videos. Opera Max uses their advanced technology to control or save our mobile network data while streaming videos.
  • Opera max app helps in blocking crappy background apps that requires data. With this control level, you get to stop unnecessary background apps from consuming our internet data.
  • This app also lets us monitor, track and save both mobile and WIFI data.
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Where to download Opera Max?
You can download the opera max from Google play store here. It’s a free app and it works like a charm. If you’ve any question relating to this content, feel free to let me know via comment section and don’t forget to share this tips with your friends on social networks.

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[Latest] Best Method to Save Network Data Usage on Android Phone
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