Study Law in India: All That You Need to Know

If you are looking at studying Law in India, your search ends here. Today we are discussing all about studying Law. A career in Law can be quite lucrative. But to succeed you’ll definitely need to work hard. Starting from the entrance examinations till establishing yourself as a Law professional, you’ll have to work diligently towards your goal.

Now, before you start discussing about the entrance procedure and colleges in various cities, let us take a sneak peek in to the career opportunities after studying Law.

Major Career Opportunities after studying Law in India:
There are a number of career opportunities that awaits a Law Graduate. We are listing some of them below

·         Practice as an Advocate in a court of Law

·         Join a corporate Law Firm

·         Work as a legal advisor in Corporate Sector

·         Teaching Law

·         Working with NGO

Now that you know the career opportunities in the field of let us go ahead and discuss how you can study law in India.

Entrance Examinations:
Law colleges around India refer to a few test results for awarding LLB seats. The exams are as below:

·         CLAT: Common Law Admission Test scores are considered to be the parameter in most law colleges around the country. Conducted by a non-statutory body consisting of 17 National Law Universities, CLAT is one of the toughest entrance exam too.
·         LSAT: Law School Admission Test is designed by Law School Admission Council (USA) and is used by many Law colleges in today.
·         LLM: University of Delhi conducts this test for admission in their LLB curriculum.
·         SET SYMBIOSIS: Symbiosis Entrance Test or SET is also used by many universities to take in Law students.

Once you pass any of these exams with good scores you can apply any of the Law colleges in India.

Now, while choosing a college location is very important. The three major cities where you’ll get maximum number of Law colleges are Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Study Law in Bangalore: There are a number of reputed law colleges in Bangalore from where you can start your journey.  National Law School of India University, The Oxford College of Law, CMR Law School, S.B. International are some of the most sought after law colleges here. All these institutes have their own website and thus it is quite easy to apply to them. All you have to do is to download the registration form and fill in the required fields and submit it to the institute. If you are not a resident of the city, you can avail the hostel facility in your institute. Otherwise there are a large number of students living in the city in private hostels and in paying guest facilities.

Study Law in Kolkata: Kolkata in many ways is great to live in as a student. The food and other expenses are quite lower than the other metros of the country. Moreover, you’ll get some of the largest libraries and book markets in Kolkata. So, if you willing to study Law in Kolkata, simply search ‘Law colleges in Kolkata’ in Google and you’ll get the list of various institutes offering LLB Degree here. WB National University of Juridical Science, Faculty of Law-University of Calcutta are two most prestigious Law institutes in the city. Both the institutes use CLAT score as qualifying parameter for admission. You can visit the website these institutes for more detailed information.

Study Law in Mumbai: The largest metro of the country, Mumbai has some of the most honourable law colleges. Most law colleges in Mumbai takes CLAT score as admission parameter, however there are some institutes that differ. You can get the list of all the reputed law colleges in the city through Google search. Once you have shortlisted the colleges you want to target, start applying.

While the social benefits of studying law are paramount, Law is a honourable and lucrative career too. So, if you set your eyes in the field of law it is imperative that you start early. Logical reasoning and knowledge about current affairs are the two most valuable traits in any law student. These two branches are also the main topics for any entrance exam for law. So, you must master these two traits with constant practice and voracious reading.

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Study Law in India: All That You Need to Know
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