Take Secret Photos & Videos without Camera App: Best Spy Camera tools for Android

Camera Spy tools are very helpful tools that lets you capture an event without anybody noticing. This tools comes in very handy whenever you wish to setup an evidence against someone, can stand in as a proof or whatsoever, depending on your reasons.

There are some handy Camera spy tools I’ve been using lately, and I must confess, they’re the top-notched camera spy tools I’ve come across so far. With these tools, you can be able to capture events secretly, either by video records or photo shots.

Without much say, I’ll quickly highlight these tools, as they’re the best camera spy tools for android that lets you take secret photos and video records without the use of your default camera app.

Best Spy Camera Tools for Android Phones

1.       Quick Camera – Hidden Camera
The Quick camera app is a very useful android app that allows user take secret video records and photo shots in just one click. This app works like a charm, once you tap the “Take Photo” icon or secret video icon. It’s an app that you don’t need to use manually, as most settings is automated and easy-to-use.

Most Spy camera app aren’t spy camera apps as long as the sound is active whenever you’ll trying to take a shot, but with the Quick camera app, there is no sound when taking photos or recording videos… all is done secretly, and bet me, nobody notices that you’re actually capturing an event.

The Quick camera app also lets you select screen resolution, and the app also supports floating camera icon, big widget to take photo icon, security settings, night vision mode (this features is great), notification and also flashlight mode when on capture.

Do I need to explain to you on how to use the app? No. the app comes with an easy-to-use interface, which is also very friendly to use. Setup can easily be configured by user.

2.       Mobile Hidden Camera
This is another top-notched android spy camera app that looks professional and also serves as a camcorder. With this spy camera app, you can take photos of people in front of you without their notice, capture events and save captured events. The camera features the best privacy option with file protection features and all that.

The quick quit features on the app is brainstorming, as you can quit the app on just a single click, maybe you’re being suspected capturing an event secretly, then the quick quit features becomes handy. Other features of the app includes, background shooting, time mode recording, unlimited video recording length, customization features and many more.

The Mobile hidden camera app is also user-friendly with well structured interface, so using the app won’t be any difficult.

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That’s the best spy camera app discovered lately, if you know of any other spy camera app with better features, then feel free to let us know via comment section.

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Take Secret Photos & Videos without Camera App: Best Spy Camera tools for Android
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