How to Float YouTube Videos on Android screen, Watch & Multitask

The title sounds straight, but what I actually meant is how you can multitask on your android device while watching YouTube videos, that is, when you float the videos on a corner of your android screen, you get to multitask (going on with other tasks) and still be watching your video.

I know that this feature is possible on some android device like the Galaxy s6 and later versions, but what about the non-Galaxy users. Anyways, there is a unique way to get on with this even without violating YouTube’s TOS.

Recently, I came across an android app codename “flytube”, the app lets android users watch videos from YouTube on any windows of their device, which simply means that, you can be browsing, chatting or even running other programs on your android device while watching YouTube videos.

Therefore, with flytube set as default player for YouTube videos, you get to multitask while watching YouTube video. At least, when someone sends you a text on something you need to browse on net, you don’t need to quit the video, you can simply watch the video floated on your screen and still get on with other activities.

The application is a third party application and all content provided through the app is provided from YouTube service, so worry less about copyright issues. So, any video or content displayed through the app is directly from YouTube as the app has no control over it.

Feel free to download and rate the application. If you got any question or say, do let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this update with your friends on social networks.

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How to Float YouTube Videos on Android screen, Watch & Multitask
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