How to Join Your Friends Facebook Groups on One-click

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world with billions of registered users and trillions of traffic on monthly basis. My analytics might not be accurate, but you should know what I’m driving at.

Have you ever sat down and think of any strategy to market your product, brand or business? Do you know that Facebook group marketing can boost your business and give you great sales? If you’ve not been utilizing Facebook groups, then just know that you’ve lost damn amount of visitors.

Recently, I decided to create a new Facebook account, add up few friends that I knew had joined great amount of groups, I used the one-click strategy which I’m about revealing to join great number of groups. Within few hours, I joined over 200 groups, some other groups that required approval from just admin took few days, but in a space of a weak, my 5mins effort a day lead me into 1000+ Facebook groups. What next? Social marketing, I began to promote most of my brands using auto ground sender method.

Today, I’ll be your guide on how to join your friend’s Facebook groups on just one-click. Just follow the simple trick below and you’re gamed.

How to Join Your Friends Facebook Groups on One-click

1.       Firstly, you’re to download a very useful extension that would make this task possible. The extension is a Google chrome extension codenamed “Social media toolkit”.

2.       After downloads, log in to the Facebook account you want to make use of.

3.       Next, from the Facebook account, go to groups and click on the Friend’s group tab.

4.       You’ll see the list of groups that your Facebook friends have joined.

5.       To join all the groups, simply click on the extension icon and select the “click all join button” from the extension. Also set the seconds used in joining each groups.

6.       That’s it, all joined buttons would be clicked, and friend’s groups would be added to the list of your group.

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That’s all on how to join all friends group on just one-click. Hope you enjoyed this section. If you got any question, feel free to let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this resourceful guides with your friends.

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How to Join Your Friends Facebook Groups on One-click
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