How to Change IMEI on Tecno Boom J8 devices

The Tecno Boom J8 device is finally launched and we managed to lay our hands on a copy of the device, tried some tweaking and it worked out as expected. I already published the full specs and price of Tecno Boom J8, so if you don’t know the full details of the device, I advice you go through the review post.

There are various reasons people do change the IMEI on their smartphone, maybe because they wish to tweak it and use for another importance or any other genuine reason. Generally, we don’t just change the IMEI of our device for no reason and it’s not acceptable to change IMEI of your device in most countries.

Today, I’ll brief you on the 2 different method by which you can use to change the IMEI of your android device. The first method works on either rooted or un-rooted devices, while the other can work on just rooted boom J8 devices.

1.       For both rooted and un-rooted devices, there won’t be need of re-explaining the procedure. I already did explain the full process on my previous guide. Therefore, you are advised to read how to change imei for Tecno Boom J8 here.

2.       For rooted Tecno Boom J8 devices, all you need to do is to download the app codenamed “chamelephon” and download on your device. The application is available on playstore. Once you’ve downloaded the application, select the sim slot you wish to change the IMEI for, input the imei and apply changes. Remember to backup your previous IMEI so you can always change it back.

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That’s it on how to change the imei on tecno boom J8 devices. If you got any question or any related issue with your Tecno Boom j8 smartphone, please do let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social networks.

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How to Change IMEI on Tecno Boom J8 devices
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