7 Best VLC Media Player Hacks, Tricks and Tips You Never Knew

The VLC Media Player is one of the best Media Player for digital devices. This media player comes with lot of hidden features that is not known to all. However, it supports all video formats and also runs audio files too.

Recently, I was able to compile the top 7 VLC Media Player tricks and hacks for digital devices and these tricks are very easy to implement, but quite hidden. So, all you need is time, and you’ll get used to them without checking back for its query.

Without much say, let me quickly highlight these tricks and redirect you to a detailed guide on how to implement each of them on your computer or mobile device.

1.     VLC media player can be able to capture images and also trim or cut video clips. With this trick, it’s will be easy for you to cut any part of your favorite video and also take a snapshot of the video images. Read details on how to cut video clips and capture images using vlc media player.

2.       Do you know that media file conversion can be so easy with the use of VLC Media player? You don’t need any other third party software for media file conversion when you got VLC Media player. Read detailed tips on how to convert Media files using VLC Media Player.

3.       Have you ever thought of using VLC Media player to download online videos? Instead of streaming videos online, you can easily download using VLC Media player and play the video at same time on vlc. Read guide on how to download and play online video using VLC Media Player.

4.       I know of most desktop screen recorder, and they’ll charge few bucks to record desktop screen for you. But with VLC Media player, you can easily record the screen of your desktop without paying a dime. Read tips on how to record your desktop screen using VLC Media player.

5.       VLC Media player also lets user record video using webcam. You don’t need to download extra software to do this for you when you got VLC Media player. Read details on how to record video on VLC Media Player using webcam.

6.       You can also Rip DVD using VLC media player. The method I revealed is very simple and easy to understand. So, read detailed guide on how to rip DVD using VLC Media Player.

7.       Finally, have you ever thought of setting up a video as wallpaper? With the help of the VLC Media Player, you can easily set any video as wallpaper. I already revealed ways to set video as wallpaper using VLC Media Player.

That’s all for the 7 best VLC Media Player hacks, tricks and tips, and am pretty sure you did learnt something new today. If you encounter any difficulty trying any of the guide, feel free to let me know and I won’t hesitate to walk you through the process.

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7 Best VLC Media Player Hacks, Tricks and Tips You Never Knew
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