Download Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Let me quickly introduce you weather & clock widget as one of the best widgets for android. This is one of my favorite weather and clock widget which gives my android home screen a perfect charming look and also updates me with the most accurate weather report alongside time.

Of course, widgets are one of the most handful android tools that give the device a perfect charm look and also bring about great personalization depending on the widget in use. Most of you might underestimate the resource provided by using widgets, but I tell you that having installed one of the most useful android widgets on your device, you get the most accurate information on your android home screen depending on the widget in use.

The weather and clock widget details users on the current date and time. The widget also very useful information such as weather forecast. With this widget, you get the current temperature of your location in Celsius and Fahrenheit, you also get information about the current weather condition, relative humidity, visible distance, atmospheric pressure, dew point, ultraviolent index, precipitation in different unites, wind speed and direction and also a ten days future forecast on weather.

I bet you won’t want to miss using this widget. It’s the most recommended android widget from 2016 and many other years to come as its always updated and compatible to all android smartphones and tablets from android 2.3 and above.

Download weather & clock widget for android here. Feel free to share any other useful widget you know of via comment section.

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Download Weather & Clock Widget for Android
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