How to Manage Multiple Social Accounts on PC using Google Chrome

Most of us are limited to the number of social media accounts we manage, except the fact that the rest of us manage them across separate browsers or interface. Someone I find it hard to manage multiple Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, Instagram and whatsapp accounts at the same time.

Recently, I stumbled upon a very useful chrome extension that lets me manage my multiple social media account at same time. It keeps me logged in on those accounts on same browser and lets me switch between accounts easily without being logged out on any.

Extension name: Account Manager

Account manager is a very useful chrome extension that allows users switch in between multiple Accounts on multiple sites. However, the account manager supports few social sites which include Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, stumble upon and Ebay.

How to use of Account Manager to Manage Multiple Accounts

1.       Firstly, make sure that you’ve added account manager chrome extension on your chrome browser.

2.       After that, log into the social account you wish to manage from your chrome browser.

3.       Once you’re logged in, click on the account manager extension icon as seen in the image below and click on the “Add account” button to add the current account.

4.       Once you click on the “add account” button, simply give it a label… i.e account1.

5.       Next, log-out from the account and sign into the next social account and repeat same process. You can give it a label like account2.

6.       Once you’re done, switch into any of those accounts by clicking on the play-like button on the account manager.

7.       That’s all.

You can always edit those accounts, delete them or change them from account manager. So if you’re looking for ways on how to run multiple whatsapp on PC, how to run multiple Facebook, instagram, twitter, ebay or stumble upon accounts on PC, then using account manager extension is the best shot to run multiple social accounts from your computer.

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Hope this helps? If you encounter any difficulty during the process, please do let me know via comment section.

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How to Manage Multiple Social Accounts on PC using Google Chrome
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