Data Usage Monitor: Best Android App to Track Accurate Stat on Data

For the past years, I’ve been making use of the default mobile network data tracker that is integrated on android system and located in settings. The tracker is very useful but I noticed that the stat displayed on the tracker isn’t accurate, so I decided to work with a third party data usage tracker and then came across the data usage monitor app.

The data usage monitor app is a very useful android app and known to be the best android application for tracking data usage. It’s a user-friendly application that keeps track on real-time data usage and helps measures your daily traffic over mobile network and WiFi and also helps you analyze the data.

Some other features of the data usage monitor includes automated data traffic measurement, precise measurements on data usage, easy-to-read statistics interface and baud rate meter which lets you fix the baud rate meter anytime to get an anytime measurement on traffic.
You can download the application from Google Play store via here.

Having downloaded the application, you won’t need to make use of the default system data monitor as it’s not precise as data usage monitor. However, it would do you a great good if you also make use of the internet speed meter lite with the application so that you can also keep track on the speed of your internet.

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Data Usage Monitor: Best Android App to Track Accurate Stat on Data
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