Download Microsoft Cortana on Android and iOS Devices

The Microsoft Cortana that was formally available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile is now available for iOS and Android devices.

To start with, Microsoft Cortana is a virtual personal assistance that helps minimize you task by getting things done for you like, managing your calendar, tracking packages, finding files, tracking flights, setting up time reminder, tracking scores & stocks, communicating with user, letting your PC and phone work together and many more.

The Microsoft cortana is more like an Artificial intelligence that does predict and operates on Bing search engine algorithm, having all data on the search engine and user device. The software having the ability to gain data from this search engine can do almost everything and give you accurate results.

In addition, I call this software must-have application on Android, iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices, because there is nothing more like having a personal assistant which you can instruct to find information, extract data, schedule appointments for you, set notifications, set calendar, track stocks and many more.

Where to download Microsoft Cortana?

Enjoy the use of Microsoft Cortana on your mobile devices. Don’t forget to share this article to keep others informed about this latest innovation from Microsoft.

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Download Microsoft Cortana on Android and iOS Devices
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