The New Etisalat Super charge (250% Bonus) Package to call All Networks

Finally, Etisalat introduces a new package that offers their customers 250 bonus on calls made to all networks. However, this package is siaid to be opened for all Etisalat customers including those of us subscribed to Easystarter, Easycliq, Talkzone and Cliqlite.

The package was recently introduced and tagged as “Real bonus” which gives you 250% bonus on every recharge above N100, while customers that recharges below N100 gets just 150% bonus on recharge. Amazing, isn’t it?

So let’s do the maths…

250% bonus on recharge right, yes.

Now, once you’ve recharged your line with N100, you get N350, as 250% of N100 is 250/100 x 100 = 250 + 100 = 350 (that’s if my mathematics teacher taught me well).

What about N200? Now, once you’ve recharged N200, you get N700, as 250% of N200 is 250/100 x 200 = N500 + N200 which equals N700.

So what’re you waiting for?

Other features of this package?

- For customers who recharge below N100, will enjoy 150% bonus
- Offer is open to all new customers on Easystarter, Easycliq, Talkzone and Cliqlite
- The recharge bonus has a 7-day validity, and can be used for calls, pay as you go data and SMS
- The bonus account is divided into two 50% splits to call other networks and the other half to call Etisalat lines

How to Opt-in for this package?

That’s it… you should get a success message saying, “Your request to opt-in for the super charge offer was successful” and you’re in to getting 250% bonus on every recharge you make on your Etisalat line.

Happy El fidiri!!!

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The New Etisalat Super charge (250% Bonus) Package to call All Networks
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