7 Best Rated Android 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow Launcher Apps

Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system as known is one of the recent android operating system that was outed with lot of amazing features. However, the most interesting aspect of the OS in regards to its features includes the interface. The material design of the operating system looks stunning and stock themes are nice.

To who it may concern, I finally compiled the list of android marshmallow launcher apps, as it may interest those of you still running on android lollipop or lower version. If you’re already on android marshmallow, you’re also free to try out these launchers.

Today, I’ll quickly highlight the 10 best android 6.0 marshmallows, including what it features and a quick overview about it. At the end of reading through, you can freely select the best amongst them, and also feel free to suggest via comment section.

The 10 Best Android Marshmallow Launcher Applications

Here’s a quick review on the list….. Please forget the numbering, as we didn’t list accordingly. So the best launchers can be listed the least.
The CM13 marshmallow launcher application is one of the best android marshmallow launcher that is well polished, highly customizable and brings android lollipop and marshmallow launcher experience in one unit (which makes it amazing). However, the CM13 marshmallow launcher is developed based on the CyanogenMod 13 and supports android running on kitkat and above.

With this launcher, you can easily show/hide search bar, scroll effect in home screen, scroll effect in app drawer, change grid size, set home screen, enable/ disable scroll wallpaper, lollipop open drawer animation and lots more.

2.       Omega Launcher
 This is another cool android marshmallow launcher that serves as homescreen replacement on material theme marshmallow which features full material theme, ram cleaner, in app browser (for faster results), quick cards, fast and smooth animation, vertical scroll app drawer, floating action button, customizable theme color and lots more.

3.       Marshmallow Icon Park HD
This is not really an android launcher, but provides up to 2000 icons for many popular launchers such as Nova launcher, apex launcher, ADW launcher, inspired launcher, atom launcher, aviate launcher, winterboard launcher, holo launcher, go launcher and lots more.
This is another lovely android marshmallow launcher that is highly rated by users. The interface of this launcher gives you the best user experience and it’s the best launcher for those of us that still haven’t updated to android 6.0/6.0.1 marshmallow operating system.

Some features of this launcher includes, Android 6.0 Marshmallow drawer style, A-Z category drawer style, Smooth and cool Ripple/Circle drawer animation, Horizontal drawer style, Convenient marshmallow style widget drawer, classify widget by apps, much easier to explore widgets, Totally Material design dialog and click effect. Outside the native android marshmallow launcher experience, the app also features security, privacy, handy sidebar, gesture, counters, built-in widget and lots more.
This marshmallow launcher is different from the one explained above, as it’s developed by another theme. However, this launcher comes with smooth design, includes native experience of android 6.0 marshmallows, features the best Icon packs HD, same rating as the one explained above, similar features and extra benefits.
iTop launcher is another well polished android marshmallow launcher with stunning material design and very friendly user interface, which features native android marshmallow experience, supports icon themes, android 6.0 app drawer interface, handy sidebar, useful and powerful tools like power saver, speed booster, system switcher and lots more.

The iTop marshmallow launcher also comes with gestures, notifies, backup and restore settings layout on launcher and lots more. This launcher is supported on android devices running on OS 4.0 and above.

7.       Marshmallow Launcher
Just marshmallow launcher, as it is by the name is a very simple marshmallow launcher. It was already launched at the early entry of android marshmallow and it features custom app drawer, icon packs, infinite scroll, scrollable dock and fast. You also get to customize desktop like screen grid size customization, lock desktop and hide search features.

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The above launchers are tested and confirmed working with stunning material design, best marshmallow themes, customizable app drawers and native marshmallow experience. These launchers are highly rated with good reviews by users. So, I advise you download them to get best marshmallow experience.

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7 Best Rated Android 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow Launcher Apps
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