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7 Gadgets you must have if you are a real estate agent

An estate agent’s work is almost never done, there are always someone who is looking for services that you can offer and with real estate agents that end up working long hours, equipment becomes paramount that ends up lightening the workload by a significant margin. Apart from that, modern day gadgets have made a significant mark in every industry, which only makes it logical that their utilization is covered properly in the profession of estate agency. In this article, I will be mentioning some of these gadgets.

Here is the list of gadgets that are important for your profession if you are a real estate agent:

1.            Tablet/Laptop:

Tablet and laptops are obvious equipment that you are going to need, especially if your workload is research based, I didn’t mention a desktop because of the lack of portability. Apart from that, you might want to get a tablet that can last for a long time without having to charge, I personally recommend a tablet over a laptop.

1 USD to NGN – Check the current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate here

The rate at which the value of naira is depreciating on weekly basis is alarming. This happens due to the increase of inflation in the country, thereby, bringing about excess circulation of money in the country. However, this adds to the cost of production, decreases the standard of living and some other factors which affect the country.

Credits: Nigeriareviews

Investors that have saved dollars in their account will gain at this time… its cash-out time for them anyway.

Popular Delusions about Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has been governing our business decisions for several years, with various developments and discoveries coming our way for improved business performance. Having its roots unharmed and keeping up with the mission of serving the organizations, there has been remarkable transformations in BI tools and platforms to surface new business insights and make sense of the unstructured big data they deal with each day.

The inception of Tableau, QlikView, Informatica and other tools has provided incredible data visualization and analytics powers to IT teams and business groups. However, there are some serious delusions about Business Intelligence that have been quite a thing to many individuals and organizations, which urgently should be demystified if you want to make better utilization of the popular BI software.