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How to Remove Background from any Image on Android Phones

Removal of background from any image is now simple on android. You don’t need a computer to perform this task when you got your android device. With this, you can easily fix any type of background for your image and post online.

Recently, I came across an android app codename “Background eraser”. This app helps to erase background from an image by cutting or trimming the main character on the image and placing the image on a transparent background.

How to Highlight, Copy and Extract Text from any Image Online

Ever thought of extracting text content from an image? Sounds impossible right? Well, I’ll reveal the trick I use to extract text content from any online image. I can even choose to do same on images on my device.

I know that most of you have been looking for ways to extract text content from images, maybe, you came across some inspirational or motivational image quotes, and you plan on putting those texts content down. I’m pretty sure that you do that manually, not knowing that you can easily copy text from image and paste.

How to Create Subtitles and Translations on any Video

Subtitle is more like a transcript of any dialog or let me say, a seen commentary in films, video games, television programs or any other video. Normally, subtitle is displayed at the bottom of the video or shown at the top screen of the video (only if another text is displayed at the bottom.

The reason we make use of subtitles is to get a written translation of a dialog in a foreign language, sometimes same language, so as viewers can easily understand such dialog. Of course, you can’t get a full understanding of a dialog but with the help of subtitles, there are better understandings.

Download Prisma for Android and iOS: Best Photo Editor for Modern Art Filter

Prisma is now officially available for everyone for download and it’s now tagged as one of the best photo editor for android and iOS devices. However, when it comes to editing your photo into a modern artwork, then prisma is the best application for the task.

This application features 30 different filters that can modify any image into an artwork, stunning photo effects and within the short period of the app launch, the engagement on the app is massive as they now have millions of daily users making use of the app to edit photos.

How to Upload Social Display Photos without Cropping on Android

Generally, whenever we take a photo with our android device, the dimension of the photo doesn’t come in a squared shape, so we get to crop the photo whenever we want upload on our Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp as display photo.

So, if you ever wanted to upload your social display profile on android without getting to crop the photo, then this guide is your best shot. At the end of the day, you should be able to upload your display photo without the need to crop the photo.

How to rotate a Video on iPhone or Windows PC

There are times we take video record on our iPhone device on a wrong orientation, only for us to get bad experience while trying to play the video while our iPhone is on prostrate form. Unlike other videos, already recorded videos don’t just rotate as iPhone rotates, it rotates in the form on which video was being recorded.

To clarify what I meant above, maybe, you took a video record on your iPhone device, maybe turning your iPhone 90 degree left, after record, you wish to watch the video in the normal portrait or landscape mode in a wrong orientation, only for you to see an upside down or reverse display mode.

5 Best free iPhone editing apps for Editing Audios

Well, I’m so much in love with music, and I get thrilled whenever am getting most of my personal audio tracks edited with cool rhymes and best of vocals, to produce a totally genuine sound that can kill the sorrow of the saddest in your family… LOL *Jokes

This content details the best iPhone editing apps mainly for editing audios, and Guess what? I’ll highlight them, and give you a free download link for each of these apps.