5 Best free iPhone editing apps for Editing Audios

Well, I’m so much in love with music, and I get thrilled whenever am getting most of my personal audio tracks edited with cool rhymes and best of vocals, to produce a totally genuine sound that can kill the sorrow of the saddest in your family… LOL *Jokes

This content details the best iPhone editing apps mainly for editing audios, and Guess what? I’ll highlight them, and give you a free download link for each of these apps.

To start with, when you talk of audio editing apps, they’re not just ordinary editing apps that re-customize already made materials, these apps not just allow you edit but also let you generate the best of audio data just like wave editors.

When you’ve such tools on your iPhone devices, then you’ve got your audio workshop studio and it will be very handy and useful, most especially if you’re into entertainments and music.

Without much say on this, let me quickly highlight the very 5 best and free audio editing apps for iPhone devices.

1.       Garage Band
Garage band is the coolest audio editing app for iPhone so far with full-featured audio studio. This app turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into digital workshop studio with collections of touch instruments loaded in it. Although, the sound of the instruments plays like reality, but makes you perform some extra manipulation that can’t be done in the non-virtual instruments.

The Garage band audio editing app comes quite handy, most especially tap out beat or record voice using the built-in microphone in the app. Having downloaded this app, you can mobilize your work anywhere, that’s if you’re into entertainment. So, why not take a stroll to itunes and get this awesome audio editing app.

2.       TonePad Pro
This is a highly rated audio editing app for iOS devices with good customers review. The app features the best sound quality and using the app makes it the easiest way to create music. Talking of the interface, it’s user-friendly featuring a 16x16 matrix.

Tonepad lets users create unlimited number of songs and currently created songs with the application is saved on exit.

3.       Hokusai Audio Editor
This is just an awesome audio editor that lets you edit audi with the touch screen. The app goes natural giving you the counterpart of any instrument used virtually and it also features a good sound quality with no crack.

You can easily edit any audio and export to mp4 of wave format using this application. However, tracks produced are very clear ad clean. The app also comes with some handy tools that normalize volume, fade in/out, audio copy and paste, grain synthesis, noise gating, echo, reverb, modulation (AM & FM), pinch bending, time stretching and many more.

4.       TwistedWave Audio Editor
This is a very simple audio editing app that lets you copy and pastes your audio, features audio effects such as fade in/out, pitch shifting/time stretching, filter and adjust level to either high or low frequency, compressor/limiter, delay, normalize or amplify audio to a certain or given level and many more.

Already edited audio using this app can be easily exported in various file formats such as CAF, AAC, WAV, MP3 and FLAC audio formats. However, audios can be sent via mail and uploads can be eaily done on FTP and SFTP accounts.

5.       Audio Editor Tool Plus
This app comes very handy when editing audio software, as you won’t need to look for complicated software to do your audio editing. You can easily edit your audio using this tool and get the perfect quality out of it.

The app is versatile and supports all popular audio formats. However, using is very easy, simply select all necessary editing tools from the app, then you an easily copy, paste cut and also trim. It also lets you edit waveforms in no time and it’s a full scale audio editing studio for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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That’s all for the 5 best iPhone editing apps for editing audios. When next am to publish an article, I’ll reveal more and more iPhone editing apps to you. Feel free to drop any recent iPhone audio editing app that didn’t fall on my list, and I might consider it on my next scheduled article. Don’t forget to share this content with our friends.

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5 Best free iPhone editing apps for Editing Audios
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