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The New Etisalat Super charge (250% Bonus) Package to call All Networks

Finally, Etisalat introduces a new package that offers their customers 250 bonus on calls made to all networks. However, this package is siaid to be opened for all Etisalat customers including those of us subscribed to Easystarter, Easycliq, Talkzone and Cliqlite.

The package was recently introduced and tagged as “Real bonus” which gives you 250% bonus on every recharge above N100, while customers that recharges below N100 gets just 150% bonus on recharge. Amazing, isn’t it?

How to subscribe for Etisalat 6.5GB data plan with just N3500

Everyone can notice the fall in price of internet data at a more affordable price. This happened since MTN network lost over 4.6 million subscribers from their network, so they decided to slash their data offer, and due to the fact that Etisalat won’t want to seat back and watch their subscribers lost to MTN, they decided to also introduce cheaper plans.

This new Etisalat 6.5GB plan was recently added to their subscription menu and the price tag is N3500, so you can get a massive 6.5GB data for as cheap as N3500. Outside that, Etisalat also revised some other higher packages by topping up the data limit.

[2016 Updated] Etisalat Internet Data Plans in Nigeria: Subscription Codes & Prices

Etisalat telecommunications is one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria and also the fastest when it comes to browsing capacity. However, this telecommunication is one of the most reliable networks for superfast data and network speed.

I’ve taken my time to update full list of Etisalat internet data plans for smartphone, blackberry devices, Android, iPhone, iPad, computers and any other internet enabled device.

There are some changes on Etisalat internet data plans, as on yearly or monthly basis, new data bundle plans are being introduced. Just take your time and scan through the list.

How to Stop Getting Annoying Text Messages from MTN and Etisalat Nigeria

The rate at which most of Nigerian network providers sends Text ads can be so frustrating and this irritates me especially when I’m expecting a bank credit alert. Lol.

Sometimes, you’ll get to notice that you automatically opt-in for something you don’t want to and the next minutes, you’ll be charged for what you don’t know about. I still remember how my grand mum disturbs me on how MTN Nigeria keep charging her unnecessary for unknown transaction. This is because of the spamming text ads they send and she might’ve mistakenly opted-in to any of the service shown via the text ads.

Etisalat Nigeria is another network that keeps sending me spamming sms and some other useless text ads. Sometimes, they even grow wings to send voice ads via phone calls. That very moment I’ll think it’s a call from one of my client that wants to sign for another contract, only for me to hear recorded voice ads from Etisalat network. This can be so frustrating and I know that every one of you that uses these networks also face similar challenge as I do.

Best of Etisalat Internet Data Plan for Smartphones and PC (2015)

Etisalat is one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria and some other part of Africa. As time counts, network providers keep an in-depth competition towards each other and make sure they satisfy their customer’s need.

Few months back, Etisalat unleashed an affordable internet plan for smartphone and PC users, that is, the 2GB plan for N2000. However, they have added value to their plan and finally unleash another cheap plan, which is; the 1GB plan for N1, 000.

Most of us are also aware of Etisalat unlimited internet plan offer, which lets us browse through the internet for 3 Hours for just N15.
Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys the best of Etisalat internet data plan to use on any smartphone or PC.

1.      The Etisalat Unlimited Plan Offer

The Etisalat unlimited plan offer is the best Etisalat internet data plan offer, and the offer is mostly recommended for internet users that perform more of download operations. If you wish to subscribe to any internet data plan just to download huge files and Medias, then I would highly recommend the Etisalat unlimited plan offer for you.

To opt-in this unlimited plan offer;
>> Firstly, dial *200# to migrate to easy starter, and also migrate to easy life by dialing *620*1#.
>> After that, make sure you have up to #15 on your Etisalat Sim, then dial *229*3*7# to opt-in to the plan.

Once you’ve performed the above operation, then you would be successfully opt-in to Etisalat unlimited plan offer, which lets you surf the internet without limit within 3 hours for just N15.

To opt-out this plan, simply dial *227*0#.

Updated List of Etisalat Internet Data Plans, Subscription Codes and Price

Etisalat internet service providers are really performing well and they seemd to be the best in terms of browsing speed. Today's stroll, I would detail you guys with the updated list of etisalat internet data plans, activation or subscription codes and price.

Data Plan
Price (N)
Validity Period
Subscription Code (Text to 229)
Subscription USSD
24 Hrs.
7 Days
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Night & Weekend
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days

Each of the above data plan packages comes with a 30% bonus plan. For instance, if you opt-in for the 200MB data plan, you would be given an additional 60MB plan, making it sum up to 260MB.

To check for data balance, simply dial *228#
Below are the configuration settings for internet connection:

APN: etisalat
Username: web
Password: web
Phone number: *99#

Etisalat double your recharge promo- Get 1GB data plan for #2,000

Etisalat is a very reliable network that I'll do advice you guys to patronize. They got lots of promo packages this period, and are ready to cheer their customers.

Recently, I got to know about this their new promo package, which is the double your recharge promo, and I noticed that the promo also favours their internet subscribers, so I decided to brief up the information for you guys here.

etisalat logo

To cut the story short, Etisalat double your recharge promo is an awesome promo that offers 100% instant bonus on every recharge you make above #200 and 50% instant bonus on every recharge below #200.

What's my point?
The point here is that once you've recharged #200 above, you get 100% instant bonus of your recharge, that is, once you recharge #1,000 airtime, you would be credited with #2,000 instantly with 7days validity.

For internet users, same instant bonus goes to us, buy a data of 200MB above, and get a your instant bonus.
So, once you've subscribed for the 200MB data plan, you would be rewarded with another 200MB data bonus, which would sum-up to 400MB data balance with 30days validity, if you subscribe for the 500MB data plan, you would be rewarded with another 500MB data bonus which would also sum-up to 1GB data balance that is also valid for 30days. I know you don't want to miss out this package, of course, you're aware that etisalat internet service is the best with the fastest internet surf.
For Etisalat data plan package.

No dulling, This offer is open to new Easy Starter, Easy Cliq and Talkzone customers within their first 90 days on the network counting from the day of activation. It’s easy!!!
Just buy an Etisalat SIM card, register and every time you recharge, you get rewarded!.