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How to check website safety: 4 useful tools to scan links

The internet might be a safe place for all, but not every websites on the internet are safe. Most links are malicious, suspicious and can install malicious softwares on your computer or device which is capable of stealing your personal data, so checking for website safety is advisable.

There are some antivirus softwares that do check-in for unsafe websites, some might be strong enough to check-in for all, some aren’t too solid. Anyways, I’ll be revealing to you some useful online tools that you can use to check website safety and scan for malicious or suspicious links. I already published an article on how to check website status or availability, I also advise you go through the content.

How to Check Website Status: Best Tools to Monitor site Availability

There are over millions of websites on the internet with thousands of new websites created on daily basis. However, most of these websites do face issues, maybe hosting problem due to huge traffic, max bandwidth, poor development and some other stuffs that can lead to downtime of those sites.

You know there are times, maybe as a webmaster you notice downtime on your website, the problem might not be coming from you, maybe your ISP or browser, most people go ahead to ask friends to check if their websites or blog is opening at their end, the one way to know about your website status to see if it’s up or down is to make use of the tools am about revealing to you.

The 20 Useless Websites that are Very Pointless

According to Internetlivestats, there are over 1billion websites and still counting on the internet. However, 20% of the websites on the internet are so weird, 15% are just blank pages, another 20% seems so pointless and the remaining percentage are just the useful ones you can find on the internet.

I was able to compile some useless websites that seems so pointless and still gain visitors. What surprises me is why people still visit a webpage that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know what the developers had in mind while bring up those useless website and still pays for its domain name on a yearly basis.