How to check website safety: 4 useful tools to scan links

The internet might be a safe place for all, but not every websites on the internet are safe. Most links are malicious, suspicious and can install malicious softwares on your computer or device which is capable of stealing your personal data, so checking for website safety is advisable.

There are some antivirus softwares that do check-in for unsafe websites, some might be strong enough to check-in for all, some aren’t too solid. Anyways, I’ll be revealing to you some useful online tools that you can use to check website safety and scan for malicious or suspicious links. I already published an article on how to check website status or availability, I also advise you go through the content.

4 Best Tools to check website safety scanning links

1.       Norton Safe Web
This is a platform that lets any user check-in for safe websites. You look up on a url, scan, and get result on how safe the website is, the location the website was hosted, Norton rating on the website, site summary and review.

2.       Web Of Trust
This is another useful platform that verifies how safe a website is. All the user needs to do is to add their web browser, and the tool will ensure your internet is safe. The tools also check-in for scam websites, malwares, dangerous links and rogue webstores. It’s a free-to-use tool and highly recommendable.

3.       MCAfee site advisor
Almost everyone that is familiar with antivirus softwares knows that the MCAfee software is very recommendable antivirus software which comes with lot of features. Checking in for safety website is also one of its features.

4.       Online Site Scan
This is another top-notched website safety checker. The online site scan is an online based tool that scans website urls, and tells if the links are safe or not. The tool is also capable of cleaning any infected url for safe browsing. I’ve used the tool for the past few weeks, and all I can tell is that it works like a charm.

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That’s it on the best tools you can use to scan and check website safety to know if the links or url you’re about visiting on the internet is safe or not. Just as I said earlier, the internet might not be a safe place for all, so try and surf wisely, so you don’t fall victim on any suspicious or malicious websites.

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How to check website safety: 4 useful tools to scan links
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