The 20 Useless Websites that are Very Pointless

According to Internetlivestats, there are over 1billion websites and still counting on the internet. However, 20% of the websites on the internet are so weird, 15% are just blank pages, another 20% seems so pointless and the remaining percentage are just the useful ones you can find on the internet.

I was able to compile some useless websites that seems so pointless and still gain visitors. What surprises me is why people still visit a webpage that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know what the developers had in mind while bring up those useless website and still pays for its domain name on a yearly basis.

Below highlights the 20 useless websites that are very pointless… please, I hope those websites don’t just hypnotize visitors to visit again and again for no reason… Lol. *just kidding*
This is a very useless and pointless website with background sounds and music… how will the so-called developer call that the nicest place on the internet… I don’t see anything nice about the website, don’t know about you.
Another useless website that just display images of cats performing several actions like dancing, eating, rolling, rejoicing and many more… you might want to take a stroll to the webpage to see what I mean.
This website is also among the useless websites we can find on net. The website just display a simulation of rain falling or more like a rainy mode. The website also have an iOS and Android app for users interested to watch useless display… hahaha.
This website display a small shaped creature, more like a snake-look without legs and fore limbs… all you need to do is to shake your mouse cursor and it begins to stagger… once you shake vigorously, you get a flashy image.
This is another pointless website that claims to make everything okay… on the webpage, you get to click on the make everything okay button, and it will be on progress… after progression, and it tells you that everything is okay… Maybe, you just have to move with your faith. *lol*
This website is a pit funny… it locates my mouse pointer using different images and a hand pointing at my mouse pointer… quite creative but useless… will I call it a pointless website too? Because seems like it does point *lol*
Such a useless Hey! Hoo! Website… the site has an audio effect which says HEEEEEEEEEY! And then redirects users to HOOOOOOOOO! Don’t know what developer had in mind…
Some might not call this site useless, because you can get some funny images on cats… the site is even engaged with visitors… but come to think of it, isn’t the website a bit pointless?
The website is not useful, but creative and shows you series of images found on the white background… pointless to me, don’t know about you.
This is another useless websites for people that have 2mins of their life to waste… how can I just open my system, visit a webpage with a timer and start countdown for me to do nothing for 2mins, without moving my mouse cursor or keyboard.. mtschew… am not that dumb…. This website is so pointless.

This is a useless websites that just shows some dogs computerized to race… a background music is also attached…
Another useless website in the internet… it just displays new image of Mr Cosby whenever you clicked on the page.
This website just displays some bouncing cats… you can also choose to select a single cat and place it where ever you wish to place it… there is also option to make cat rain on the website… such a useless stuff.
This is another useless website that is found on the internet… everyone knows that 25th of December is always Christmas, so why visiting this useless website to ask if it’s Christmas.
I really don’t know if the developer was high while creating this webpage… no motivation, just useless and pointless… the website just shows a man being slapped by an eel… once the mouse cursor is moved towards the left, that’s a slap, and the reverse is left (like a back forward).
Another useless website on the internet… once you visit the page and moves the mouse cursor, it begins to generate images of ducks… seems like the developer is a big fan of ducks… lol.
In this website, you’ll be shown a big circle and once your mouse cursor hovers round the circle, it will be segmented in to series of smaller and equal circle. You can give it a try and see what am saying… the circle keep turning and turning without limit till it turns into a koala. This is a useless website, although it’s creative in a way.
This is a website that shows 5seconds of Alan partridge dancing… it seems to be fun watching him dance, but useless tho. I don’t have 5 secs of my life to waste watching useless stuffs…
This is a blank page with PayPal button on it, telling you to donate for no reason… Mtschew... not even Bill Gate himself will visit an empty page and start to donate without reasons for donation. If I wanna make a donation, we got motherless baby homes and other reasonable stuffs to donate for, and note just a pointless website that got a PayPal button.
This is the most useless webpage I’ve ever seen… just a blank page, not even a written text on it, still developer still pays for the domain fee yearly…

That’s all we got for the 20 most useless websites that are very pointless. Feel free to share this content with your friends… Please the content isn’t useless *lol* because I know that most of you don’t know that such useless websites exists and that’s what make this content useful… if you know some other useless websites on the internet, please do share with us.

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The 20 Useless Websites that are Very Pointless
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Lol.. Very funny website. #19 is really weird.

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ya... I can't see myself donating for no reason