How to make money and get accepted with postloop

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Today we wana explain how to make money with postloop.

Before i get into this disscussion, i know that most of you are already making cool cash on facebook and twitter, If no then check in HERE

All of you probably know a website called - Postloop.
If not, you've been missing out on the money.

I'm going to tell you how to get accepted, if you failed previously.


Basically, it's a website that pays you for posting, with a unique point system that improves your earnings the better your posts are.

I'm currently averaging 1.84 points per post, which is 0.092$ per post.

Which also means, I can earn 9.2$ every 100 posts. Basically, you can do that in an hour, or a bit more - depending on what forums you post on.

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How to get accepted.

1. Download GINGER, it's a grammar-correct program, that is very useful!
It corrects your sentences/words or even expressions!

2. Register and start posting the 10 verification posts, as long as you make the posts on topic and long enough - ginger should fix the rest. And you should be accepted.

Many people have tried the program, and they've all been accepted! It fixes everything for them! Even I got accepted with the help of ginger, because normally, I would score about 2.5 or so, and would fail. But with ginger, I have retained a 4.36 score, even though I've stopped using it after the verification!

Some tips on getting accepted.

1. Post more than 70 words in each post.

2. The post must be related to the topic

3. If you're clueless on what to say, look at what other people are posting.

Read their post, and try to post something similar - but different.

4. If you're not using ginger, or are unsure about a word, or how's it spelled. Google it!

We love comments.... Let us know if you encounter any problem or questions.

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How to make money and get accepted with postloop
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