How to browse internet anonymously! Be a good Guru

There are many people who want to
browse internet being anonymous but don
¡¯t know how to.

This guide will tell you
everything aboutproxy from how to use
them to why.

There are various reasons to use a proxy:
To browse the internet anonymously
To browse the website which are
otherwise blocked in your country.
To do some H@cking stuff or bully
To keep yourself out of the other¡¯s sight
or to **** someone.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is also calleda proxy server. It does
the work of hiding your IP address (a unique
string of numbers separated by full stops
that identifies each computer using the
Internet Protocol to communicate over a
network. Eg. )

you visit a website they store your IP
address sometimes so that they can track
where you live.

What¡¯s a proxy does is that
it changes your IP address which is visible
to other servers, means your IP address and
configurations will remain same but all you r
work will first happen on the proxy server
and then will be transferred to you by
which the website will store the IP address
of the proxy server and not your actual IP
address. If you use a U.S.A based proxy
server then the website will think that you
are from U.S.A instead of your actual place.

There are a few types of proxies namely:
*.High anonymous or elite

Elite proxies are the best as by using them
you are 100% anonymous.

How to use a proxy?

There are many free and paid software
which helps you get behind a proxy.
A paid
software is always better.
I will tell you a
few ways of using proxy on windows.
*. Cyber Ghost:Cyber Ghost is a very good
software which will allow you to use a
Tor project: if you just want to use proxy
while surfing then Tor Project is a best
option for you.

Hidemyass: if your main purpose is just to
access a blocked website, then is a good option for
FreeProxyList: It will show you all proxies
All of the aboveSites are paid sitesexceptTor
Project, if you don¡¯t want to pay then we
have one good option for you, you can also
use a proxy manually, just follow the below
step to use proxy manually.

How to use proxy manually ¨C Procedure
First of all go tointernet options
2) After that select theconnections tab.
Now chooseLAN settingsin connections

Tick the boxas shown in the pic.

Enter the address and portand click on OK
button and then you are good to go!Don¡¯t
change anything else here as you might
end up losing your internet connection, You
will experience slower speed while using
proxy and if it is unbearable then just
change the proxy.

If you want to be 200%
secure and want to be anonymous even
from NSA then go for a VPN Virtual Private
Network) You can get one by clicking

It is
110% secure.
Have any problem, then let us know....

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How to browse internet anonymously! Be a good Guru
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