More tips on how to make cash on facebook using Fanslave.

Before i proceed, If you don't know how to make cash with your facebook and twitter account then you are missing a lot.

Check in here for the full tutorial.

Today we are going to be disscussing how to get more and more ads on fanslave.

Most of my blog visitors kept complaining that there are only few ads that came to them not knowing that there were not a big fan on facebook.

Fanslave only provides more ads to members or fans that are very much active on facebook.
You get many ads promo once your fanranks is 10.

How to increase your fanrank
1. Number of friends
you have on facebook
2. Interactivity of the account

The higher the fanRank, the
more advertisers are interested
higher the payout (bonus) for special promotions (up to 14 credits / promotion) .

Remember that you would also be given free 6Euro once your fanrank reaches 10.
Note:- You would be given a refferal link in which you are to use to refer friends to fanslave. The more people you refer the more cash you earn...

Hope this helps.
If you still have any problem, then let me know.....

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More tips on how to make cash on facebook using Fanslave.
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