How to Hack Wifi Password on Android

There are various ways you can attempt to hack any WiFi password with the use of your android mobile, and in this tutorial, I would give you a very brief tip and technique.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this tutorial is just for knowledge sake. I won't be held responsible if you engage yourself to any illegal activity through the use of this trick.

Now let's get started. As I was saying, hacking wifi password is very much easy through the use of your android mobile device. Today's stroll, I would brief you on the alternatives in which you can use to acheieve this trick to success.

How to Any Hack WiFi Password on Android

Alternative 1:

You can use the hack router method. In this method, you have to first bypass the WPA2 WPS Routers, or rather hack into it. With this, some terminals are made open for you to access. You would be needing the Cyanogen-mod Rom on your android device. For rooted android device, you can get the latest CM 12ROM.

Then once the WPS is cracked successfully, you can now hack into the WEP router, and this is the final stage where you can finally break into the wifi password.
Remember that, hacking into the WEP router is best needed when you have a rooted android device, so I advice you root your android device from here.

Read Full details about the Hack router Method here>>

I already published the tutorial previously, so I won't need to repeat it here, so kindly take a stroll through the tutorial and you would benefit lots of knowledge from that trick.

Alternative 2:
I call this alternative, a one click method, because it's so easy and preserved special for the dummies. Of course a fast learner would grab the first alternative stated, but the dummies won't, that's the more reason I recommend they use this second method.

Well, it's very much easy, what you just need to do is to download the already tweaked wifi password hacker apps for android and that's it. The app being stated aren't just ordinary apps, but very essential app that can give you a 80% result into hacking a vulnerable WiFi password.
Get the full list of wifi password hacker app for android device here.

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Hope this brief content really helps. If you got any related problem you want to share, please do share via the comment section.

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How to Hack Wifi Password on Android
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