How to Remotely Power off Any Android Phone by Sending SMS

This might sound strange to you but yes, you can remotely turn off any android device by sending it an SMS. However, the task is made possible with the help of an app that communicates directly to your device operating system.

This process might take you 3-4mins to complete setup as you’ll need to install the application, configure the application to get it ready. So, once configuration of the app is completed, shutting down the device via SMS would be very easy.

You must make sure that your android device is a rooted device. Of course, you don’t expect an android device that isn’t rooted to attain this kind of feature. This is one of the benefits of rooting your android device, so as to tweak the dark corners of our device, and that’s what we’ll be doing right away.

How to Remotely Power off Any Android Phone by Sending SMS

1.       Firstly, download the Remote Power off zip file on your computer, open the zipped folder and extract the Remoteturnoff.apk file from the zipped folder (System >> App >> Remoteturnoff.apk).

2.       Next, either you install the app from your computer to your device or make sure that you’ve enabled “unknown source” options on your android device. To enable this option, go to settings >> security and then enable it. This option lets you install applications downloaded from third party sources.

3.       After that, transfer the app to your android device, install and then launch the application.

4.       Now, you’ll need to reset the password of the app to yours. The default password on the app is null, so input it on current password and then enter your new code. Tap “change secret code” once you’re done.

5.       Next, go to your SuperSU and make sure that app is granted root access.

6.       That’s it. You’re done.

All you have to do is send the secret code that you used for the app as SMS to your android device, and the device would be turned off remotely. Isn’t it cool? One of my favorite android hacks and tricks I do use at home. It makes you feel like a boss to others that don’t know what you did.

Hope this brief guide helps? If you got any related question, feel free to let me know via comment section.

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How to Remotely Power off Any Android Phone by Sending SMS
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