How to Quickly Install and Run Backtrack On Android

Learn how to quickly install and run Backtrack on android.

Installation of Backtrack on Android is one of the best Android Hacks and trick, as android operating system is best for penetration testing.

To start with, Backtrack is a Linux based OS tool used to assess vulnerability, exploitation and also penetration testing. It can also be used for Forensics, stress testing, reporting, RFID, privilege escalation, vulnerability assessment, information gathering and other Miscellaneous.

In this article, I would walk you through the process on how to quickly install backtrack on android.

1.       Rooted Android device - Root Android here
2.       Busybox (Download here)
3.       Backtrack ARM (Download here)
4.       Android terminal (Download here)
5.       Android VNC (Download here)
6.       For extraction, use either 7zip or winrar for extraction or Zarchiver on android.
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How to Quickly Install and Run Backtrack on Android

1.       Firstly, download the Backtrack ARM, the file is named  BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z”, then using zarchiver from your android or 7zip from your PC and extract BT5 folder from the downloaded file, then move to your device root directory. For instance, mine is /sdcard, might be different on yours. Not same device root directory on most mobile devices.

2.       After that, download and install Busybox, Android Terminal, and Android Vnc app. Download links available above.

3.       Now, launch the Busybox app after installation, and click on smart install.

4.       After that, launch Android terminal and input the below command:

su cd /sdcard/BT5
sh bootbt

NB: The fact that “su” is involved in the command, it would request permission for super user access, grant it.

5.       After that, input the below command;

export USER=root

Note: The above command “vncpasswd” requires you to enter a password, do enter your preferred password.

6.       After that, input the below command;

tightvncserver -geometry 1280×720

7.       A Local host would then be created by the terminal emulator, which connects the VNC servers. Also note the local host port marked red below, and minimize the terminal emulator.

8.       Now, launch the Android VNC and input the below settings;

Nickname : BT5
Password : the password you created in step 5
Address : localhost
Port : 5906

Note: Your Localhost’s port should be similar with that of your terminal’s localhost. For instance, mine is “6” which completes the port to be “5906”, your might be different. Android VNC port would always be 590X, so your android terminal localhost number replaces the X.

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That’s it. You can now connect and run your backtrack on your android. Hope this guide on how to quickly install and run backtrack on android helps? If you encounter any difficulty through the process, please do let me know via comment section.

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How to Quickly Install and Run Backtrack On Android
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