Sony Smartwatch 4 Set for CES2016 Release

Sony is one of the very first manufacturers to come up with the idea of a wearable; and the 4th iteration of their smartwatch is set for a 2016 release on CES 2016 event. The event would be taking place at Las Vegas next year, and like previous years Sony would unveil some of their latest and greatest technologies – a smartwatch is expected on the list as well. It’s been quite long since the Sony Smartwatch 3 and all other tech giants have come up with an improved model already; not it’s Sony’s turn to show off their brilliant ideas. 

Apparently, Sony is going to mix some different flavors onto their next smartwatch. Maybe it could be as simple as standalone incorporation of 4G LTE connectivity on the smartwatch – or could be something little more high tech like plenty of sensors to get more precise fitness and atmosphere data.

Design and Specifications Estimation
Smartwatches are meeting their range of new potentials in the very recent times. Not just a display hub for the smartphone any more, these gadgets could track fitness and make arrangements for keeping in touch without any added effort on the user’s end. Sony is expected to join the game with style.

Speaking of the design, the outlook would probably get sleeker and more youth friendly. Sporty design on smartwatches is the new trend – Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG everyone has come up with basic and sports models for acceptability among people of all age ranges. Sony wouldn’t be staying far behind this time. Smartwatches don’t need to look like a typical everyday watch with buckle style bands – there might be new sport bands, loops and bracelet type bands like the ones Apple has introduced. The watch dial may come in two different sizes to meet users’ preferences even more.

The rumored spec sheet looks authentic enough, even though there’s no official regarding the hardware and software specifications on the Sony Smartwatch 4. Rumors has it, Snapdragon 400 is going to power the Sony Smartwatch 4 for resource hungry tasks. 768 MB RAM will better support the multitasking of apps, and a brilliant projection of watch faces is going to take place through the LCD display covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The battery inside this unit is probably going to be around 450 mAh – that’s enough juice for a device like this. Android Wear OS is the official Google OS for such smartwatches – unlike Samsung we expect Sony to use this software.

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Probable Release Date and Price
CES 2016 will showcase the device and shortly after the launch, Sony Smartwatch 4 will hit the market shelves, Hope Google Glass 2 also relase. The official price tag hasn’t been mentioned yet; $300 to $400 is a wise bet. Sony Smartwatch 4 will certainly offer plenty of worthy features which would look appropriate beside the fancy price tag.
Plenty of fancy rumors is circulating on all networks regarding Sony Smartwatch 4 – but these here look very legitimate to be true.

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Sony Smartwatch 4 Set for CES2016 Release
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